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Hello watchers, it's been quite a while, huh? My last journal was three months ago. Anyways, I would like to announce that Photographers United is going back to the Warrior Cat Forums again to try and get members. We are still on Facebook and ProBoards, but the WCF is where we discover aspiring photographers and help them along on their journey with photography. I like mooching off of the WCF because it almost guarantees that our new members are kids (in this case, 20 and under).

Our thread was deleted in the first twenty minutes by those moderators, but I emailed them a polite note and asked why. They said it was because I had on our main page. I took imgur off, and hopefully we're free now. We haven't been deleted for a second time, yet.

If you'd like to join, the WCF PU is right here:…
The ProBoards PU is right here:

I thank all of you in Photographers United who have stuck with the club since they joined! You are great support!

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Hey everyone! I've just re-read my favorite series, His Dark Materials (comprised of: The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass). Does anyone else read this? I'm very curious. Only one kid at my school who was in my book group read and liked it besides me. If so, I'd just like to let you know that Philip Pullman is in the process of creating another series as a sequel. I'm a bit anxious, because it's one of those things that are best left without sequels, but I'm very excited as well.... I haven't found anything on his site about his new series, but I know it's true because he had an interview on the radio that said he would be writing it. Please comment below if you have read the original series!

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Hey guys! Today my cross country team (varsity girls), and the boys varsity team and I went on an hour-and-a-half drive up to Olympia and ran at districts. My varsity girls team got 2nd and we got a huge trophy! It's the first trophy I've gotten with a team. :D So my team advanced to state, which is in a week. Unfortunately, the boys varsity team didn't place, so that was their last race, except for the top runner, who made it to state as an individual. We were all kind of sad for them. I got 13th place, so I advanced to state as an individual as well as with my team, which is pretty hard for a freshman to do. I'm so excited!!!

Also, I'm so sorry I haven't been uploading any new photos lately. I haven't really been inspired lately, which I hear is going around, so I guess you could say I've got photo-block, and my interest in photography may be faltering. I really don't want it to falter, though, expensive as it is. I'm going to try and think of things to photograph in my free time so I don't get completely out of practice. I have been taking photos of events in my town, but that doesn't really count to me.

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The decision has been made! To maintain our unity and stay a nice, happy community, we have relocated to: here!…

Please keep your name THE SAME as you have done on the WCF, so we won't be too confused! (Taking out symbols, numbers, and things like that is fine, as long as we can recognize you.)

I am sorry to those of you who had wanted a dA group, or some other idea. I went along with this because I found that it would probably be easiest to join compared to dA (and we wouldn't want to lose members!).

Well, looks like that's the end of the WCF version of Photographers United... :( I'll miss it. Looks like I, along with many of my older friends, are preparing to leave it for good. -pats it gently- I suppose I'll have to write a good-bye letter!

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So, Photographers United was deleted... AGAIN...

Here are quotes from Matthew - Moderator on the WCF:

"Here are some things that likely got the thread removed:

1 - Numerous, numerous dA usernames scattered throughout the thread.
2 - Numerous outside URLs in the thread, in the form of URL watermarks on the images."
"Also, when you have a thread with that many pictures in it, please, please, please put a warning in the title that there are lots of photographs, so that people with old computers/slow connections don't choke on the thread."

I really do not see why they just start randomly enforcing these rules now, when we've had dA usernames up on the front page for forever. And I have seen a lot of photos on other threads, while they do not get removed.

It feels like Photographers United, forum version, is on its way out. As a leader, I really do not want to face these petty rules. :pissedoff:

The question is:
:bulletblack: Do we re-make our 4th generation; a /third/ time?
:bulletblack: Do we start a dA group? (Personally, I am leaning towards this option.)
:bulletblack: Do we just have primarily a Facebook group, and just watch each other here on dA? (I'd find this possible, but we'd get no new members.)

Please comment below what you think. By all means, if you have your own suggestion, please suggest it.

moderators :pissed: = me

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On the WCF I mentioned that I'm going to be at this cross country camp for a week with my bestie and some of my team-mates. Here it is! Check it out if you'd like. I'm in Week 3!

AWESOME, eh? :la:

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The one in my town (and the one I asked help for in choosing on Facebook). I won two ribbons: #1 for the youth group, and Best in Show, which goes to the winning shot out of both youth and adult groups. The show still goes on tomorrow, and there's going to be a third ribbon rewarded (for most viewers' votes), but I'm not sure if I'll get that or not.

I also have a funny (to me) story.

My best friend's family came to hear my mom sing (because she sang at the show where the contest was held), and to see my photo for the contest (the theme was "anything on the beach," so I entered my Buoy #3 photo). One of the other adult photographers in the contest (let's call him "Jon") was talking to someone. He pointed to my photo and said, "Oh yeah, that's the mayor's photo."

My friend's mom (let's call her Clara) overheard him and said, "No, it's not."

Jon said, "It is. See, it won two ribbons."

Clara said, "No. It's not the mayor's. It's Sararose Gallo's photo, aged 14-years-old. And it whooped yo' ass."

When my mom told me that, I cracked up. I totally wished I was there to see it. XD It made my day. I really wish I could have heard Jon's response to that.


Also, today I had adjudications. It's where I play 1 or 2 piano pieces in front of a judge (or, and adjudicator, as they're formally called), and they give me a grade on how well we did and they give my piano teacher a grade on how well they "taught us." The adjudicator was really nice today, and she had an awesome accent. My teacher had to remind me to breathe when I was waiting to go get judged. I get so nervous in these kind of things. I did fairly well, I think... I played Sonatina No. 1 in C Major by Friedrich Kuhlau and Melodie by Robert Schumann. Since I did fairly well, Dad got me fried rice from the Thai restaurant. I was happy. I don't get that very often. xD It's mah favorite food.

Overall, a very good day. Hope you had one, too.

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I'd just like to give a little shout-out to everyone in Photographers United. :D It makes me happy that the club's been going on for so long (forum standards, 1 year isn't quite that long otherwise! ^^). Yay for 1 year! I really hope we can keep it going strong, for a while at least. Haha, this reminds me of the 1st and 2nd (my fail) generation...

If it weren't for you guys helping me by being a part of P.U, I wouldn't even stay at the WCF anymore. Photography is a big part of my life and I'm hoping it will stay that way for most of it. Thanks a ton!

I could make this long and sappy, but I don't want to bore you guys to death. xD Plus, the lights flickered; there's a heavy wind and rainstorm out there. I'm hoping the power doesn't go out.


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I've had my braces for 3 years, going on 4, and I'm finally getting them off tomorrow, just in time for Halloween candy. :) I'm so excited! I know I haven't had them that long compared to some people, but I've had them longer than anyone in my class. My teeth were seriously buck-toothed. It'll feel weird, but I'll be able to have popcorn. :D

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My best friend in the photographer world... there's not much I can say besides the fact that you were a huge inspiration in my photography and I'm so touched about what you said on the WCF. I'm sad you're leaving there, as that's my main point of contact, but I'm leaving the WCF in a few months anyways. I'm so glad you're my friend, Frost, and I look forward to seeing some of your newer photos with your new DSLR. :)

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. . . I think I'm going to explode. o3o
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I finally got into Pottermore, thanks to my bestie! :D I'm so excited!
[Soz for the short journal entry, that's all I have to say!]

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